Waterford Bedding is as classy as it is refined, elegant as it is subtle.  Waterford Bedding Collections may be just what the doctor ordered to spruce up your bedroom.  The collections include ensembles ranging from light subtle tones to drastic bright, bold colors and patterns.   Waterford is a company that specializes in bedding.  From quilts, comforters, and pillows to bed skirts, draperies, and matching window valances, Waterford has something for everyone.  Curtains, valances, and drapes are also available in matching fabrics and designs to complete your bedroom.  There is no doubt that you will be pleased with your purchase of  Waterford Bedding.  The question is which design is right for you?  To make the decision making process easier for you, below is a list of twelve of Waterford’s best collections and a summary of each.

Delaney Collection by Waterford

The Delaney Collection of bedding by Waterford is one of the most beautifully traditional styles available on market.  They ensemble features a classic woven floral spread in faded deep red and olive green.  The muted colors go fantastically with the traditional style.  Matching pillows, duvets, and comforters are also available for the complete bedroom.  Hints of gold and ivory lay beneath all the intricate embroidery.  Matching bed skirts are also available in King and Queen sizes.  As if that is not enough, you can bring the beauty of the Delaney Ensemble to the entire bedroom with matching window valances and drapes.   The collection is perfect for master bedrooms and guest suites.  Be careful not to overdo the décor of the room, or it may clash with the richness of the bedding.
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Sheffield bedding by Waterford

The Sheffield Bedding Ensemble features a bold mix of contemporary and traditional designs.  It features a rich black and white paisley pattern and solid black linen lining.  Topped with a classic damask pattern of white and black, the collection is a fusion of the past and present.  If you want to decorate a room with pizzazz, go with Sheffield.  The design is refreshing and pleasing to the eyes.  The colorless shades of white and black make for a classic, romantic ambiance.  If you are bold enough, matching window treatments are also available.  European shams and pillow with strips of matching shades are also available.  To complete the collection, you can order matching bed sheets.

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Ceara Bedding by Waterford

Ceara Bedding Collection is a touch of spring and summer rolled up in the comfort of the world’s best linen.  If you are tired of the look of your bedroom, try a fresh springtime look with Ceara’s classy yet homey floral pattern of wheat, apricot, and peach colored bedding.  This collection of bedding may be just what you need to spruce up your bedroom and give it the touch of vigor you are looking for.  The comforters and duvets are available in both king and queen sizes. The design has feminine flare and it certainly carries the entire décor of the bedroom with charm and ease.  Decorative pillows complete the collection.

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Ophelia Bedding by Waterford

Everything you need to bring the beautiful look of Waterford Bedding to your home decor is contained in the Waterford Ophelia Bedding collection, including duvets and comforters in King and Queen sizes. Matching King and Queen tailored bedskirts are available, as well as California King sizes and decorative pillow shams and pillows for accent pieces. The one hundred percent Egyptian cotton in 650 thread count sheet sets are truly luxurious. They include two pillowcases, one fitted sheet and one flat sheet in each set. Matching window treatments with scalloped valances over drapery pairs serve to complete the look.

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Waterford Ponoma Bedding Collection

Designed in dramatic gold, ivory and black, the Waterford Pomona Bedding combines embroidered elements with textured jacquard in an upscale look. The comforter reverses to a small fleur-de-lis design, with a dramatic layout of oversized framed acanthus leaves on the other side, with king and standard size shams to match. A stunning base is created with the crinkle-pleat bedskirt in black with an 18″ drop, and the Euro sham in flanged black sports an all over fluer-de-lis mini pattern. Decorative pillows add drama with a crinkled neckroll in black covered with beading and having contrasting ends, as well as a 12×30″ breakfast pillow in black with button detail on the cinched ends, and an 18″ coordinating scroll-print square pillow, all add drama. Scanthus-leaf scarf valances and fleur-de-lis drapery panels for window treatments combine to complete the set.

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Waterford Rosemarie Bedding Collection

Waterford Rosemarie Bedding features a woven cotton jacquard with an intricate filigree pattern on a background of a warm cocoa color accented with warm tones of espresso, peach, rose and stone to bring a contemporary and chic twist to the traditional elegant bedroom. Decorative pillows, shams, a fashionable bedshirt and window treatments combine to help you outfit your bedroom in the celebrated Waterford style with these beautiful accoutrements.

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Waterford Silvie Bedding Collection

The Waterford Silvie Bedding collection brings a refinement to your bedroom decor that is timeless. You will not be able to resist this stylish classic ensemble with a ribbed floral pattern in muted tones of soothing white, green and silver. Everything you need can be found in this collection from California King, King and Queen bedskirts and sheets to duvets and comforters. Accenting decorative pillows complete the look in European sizes as well as Kind and Standard pillow shams. Lined draperies coordinate the look and, with scarf valances and matching tiebacks to bring it all together.

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Waterford Tatiana Bedding Collection

The beautiful and magnificently elegant Waterford Tatiana Bedding Collection with sparkling ivory and cream tones in platinum damask adds a regal touch with the utmost in luxury to your bedroom or master suite. This collection includes delightful accent pillows with braided edging, roped trim, rouched trim or fringe. This shimmering luxurious bedding collection is rounded out by dazzling treatments for the windows that exudes exquisite elegance.

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Waterford Russborough Bedding Collection

The Waterford Russborough Bedding ensemble features a navy blue background with an elegant motif in gold damask. the decorator pillows are finished with tassles and cord trim in a tricolor twist. Matching comforters and bedskirts come in King and Queen, and California King sizes. Decorative pillows include square pillows, neckroll pillows, boudoir pillows, and standard size shams, all in matching fabrics and designs in the fantastic Waterford Russborough bedding collection.

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Waterford Glengarriff Bedding Collection

An eye-catching ensemble, blending traditional and contemporary elements in the design, the Waterford Glengarriff Bedding Collection features beautiful burgundy and rich maroon colors with an elegant paisley design complete with regal gold accents. The Glengarriff by Waterford includes King size sheet sets, duvet, comforter, standard pillowcaes and King size pillowcases. Complete the ensemble with square decorator pillows, sham stuffer and European pillow shams.

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Waterford Alcott Bedding Collection

The Waterford Alcott Bedding Collection embellishes bands of gold blended with subtle stripes of soft taupe combining contrast and luxury, with playful ruffles and button details adding extra feminine elegance. The neutral taupe background shows lustrous horizontal gold stripes highlighted with creamy gold shades and ruffled trim for the finishing touches. Your bedroom decor will be delightful with its understated elegance in the fine Waterford Alcott Bedding Set.

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Waterford Ballingary Bedding Collection

The beauty of lace and fine crochet outfits your master bedroom in total elegance with the Waterford Ballingary Bedding Collection. A warm palette of caramel and pale gold blends intricately with subtle solids. Timeless sophistication finishes the look with decorative pillows in coordinating finish. King and Queen sizes are available in duvets and comforters, while King, Queen and California King sizes are offered in matching bedskirts. Complete the look with square decorator pillows and European pillow shams.

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Live And Sleep Like Royalty With Waterford Bedding Collections

If you are looking to add a touch of class and luxury to your bedroom, then take a gander at the Waterford Bedding Collections, and the matching accessories that go with them.
While the name Waterford has typically been associated with fine crystal, they take and use that sense of design and Quality and transfer it over to their linens.

There are many different designs and colors to choose from, so there is sure to be something that will appeal to anyone who is looking for the ultimate in sleep time indulgences. Most of their colors and designs are taken from nature, and so give a sense of peace and allow one to fully relax. While the solid colors can match with any current color scheme you may have going so you do not have to completely redecorate, the more ornate patterns may require a bit more work in matching things nicely. Many of the designs make one think they are sleeping at a royal palace, and being pampered like royalty.

Each design also has available matching comforters, shams, pillows, dust ruffles, pillow cases, and bolsters available. While formal matching drapes or window treatments may not be available for each design, they can be made easily from the flat sheets, using any number of patterns available.

All of the Waterford Bedding designs come in every bed size, including Queen, King, and California King sizes. This means that everyone, no matter what their age, can enjoy living and sleeping like royalty.

While not an inexpensive purchase, the quality of the material and workmanship will allow for many years of use before they need to be replaced. This, of course, assumes proper care of the linens, so make sure to read all washing and drying instruction that come with them in order to get full wear out of them, and to keep the limited warranty valid. Yes they do come with a warranty, so read it carefully.
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